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Master Peyman created more than 80 paintings. In order to catch a realistic perspective of the Master's early talent we deem it expedient to bring forth a sample example of his early works, and beg the reader of these lines to take a good look at the canvas No.2 subtitled "restful asleep". Many times this casnvas has been displayed in the art galleries and has been the topic of fairly lenghty discussions without anyone suspecting the real circumstances under which this painting was created.
The master believes that "realism" forms the base line of his painting, this sense of "realism" is inherently integrated in all his works and is an inalienable part of his philosophy reflected vividly throughout his entire productions. His life is so replete with ups and downs, climaxes and anti-climaxes, paradoxes and ironies that would make quite a readable adventure story. Some friends are contemplating to collate his life in a bokk-form for its moral conclusions would be beneficial to posterity.

Master Houshang Peyman Art Classes is an art instruction studio with more than 70 years of experience. It offers art classes with a specialty in oil paintings. Exceptional and unique art class with students from all around the world. The studio offers a spacious area for students to learn and paint in a relaxing atmosphere.


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